DUI Breath Test Defense in Los Angeles

Defending Clients Against Incriminating Tests

If you are pulled over on a suspicion of driving under the influence, you will likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test. The purpose of a breathalyzer or breath test is to determine whether you are below or above the legal limit, which is 0.08%. If a breathalyzer test comes back positive, you may be arrested and charged with DUI. At Law Offices of Scott R. Spindel, we understand that you may be feeling hopeless if a breathalyzer test has suggested that you were driving under the influence.

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What Is a Breathalyzer Test?

A breathalyzer is a device that estimates the blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. In order to get a proper and more accurate measure of a person’s blood alcohol concentration, a blood sample will need to be analyzed. Breathalyzers may be used as a “sobriety test” by an officer. The accuracy of a breathalyzer test is questionable, which can help our legal team to prove your innocence.

There are four common breathalyzers used to estimate blood alcohol content:

  • BAC Datamaster
  • Intoximeter EC-IR
  • 7110 Alcotest MK III-C
  • Intoxilyzer 5000

How Accurate Are Breathalyzers?

Although many members of law enforcement and even judges may act as though a breathalyzer tests are 100% accurate, it is simply an estimate. There are a number of things that could go wrong that could create a false reading. Our job is to investigate the testing method which was used, as well as the results, in order to question any possible inaccuracy.

A few ways the breathalyzer can read inaccurate results include:

  • The operator isn't properly trained
  • Body temperature
  • Broken machine
  • Improperly calibrated machine

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