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Murder vs. Manslaughter:
Understand Your Charges

We handle a wide range of serious criminal defense issues, including defense against charges of murder. It is important to understand the exact nature of the charges which have brought against you in order to explore your options. Having your Los Angeles murder defense attorney present before you answer any questions is vital for your defense.

The most serious homicide charges are class A-1 felonies, which carry a maximum penalty of life in prison. In many states including California, the death penalty is the ultimate sentence handed down by the court for murder. Only Los Angeles homicide defense lawyers with extensive experience and an insight into the criminal proceedings should be trusted as your defense.

Building a Strong Defense Strategy

In planning your defense, we consider every available option that may spare you from a conviction. We tirelessly pursue witness testimony, forensic evidence, and any other evidence that may support your case. Our priority is to build a strong case which leads to the dismissal or reduction of charges, and to avoid a conviction.

If you are facing homicide or manslaughter charges, contact us today at (888) 973-0209 to request a free consultation.

Giving Your Case the Personal Attention it Deserves

Working with the Law Offices of Scott R. Spindel means you work directly with a qualified, experienced, and skilled defense lawyer who is completely devoted to helping you get the results you need. To discuss your criminal or DUI defense case, or to learn which steps to take, schedule a confidential consultation today.

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