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The Scariest Thing on Halloween? A DUI

Halloween is easily one of America’s favorite holidays. Children love dressing up and going door-to-door in search of candy. Adults love dressing up and going out in search of a great party. It’s spooky fun for everyone!

But no matter how many ghouls and ghosts you see at a Halloween party, there’s something much scarier out there: red-and-blue lights in your rearview mirror after you’ve been drinking. Don’t give yourself the fright of your life by getting cuffed for driving under the influence (DUI) charges after a night of revelry. Instead, take a moment now to learn and review good ways to avoid a DUI.

Choose a Designated Driver

No matter how wild and ghoulish your friends might be on Halloween, there’s probably at least one person in your group who is fine passing up on the witch’s brew served at the party. Choose a designated driver ahead of time and make certain that person stays sober all throughout the night.

Use a Rideshare Service

Install Uber, Lyft, or another ridesharing app on your smartphone now to use at the end of a Halloween party. Summoning a haunted carriage to take you home is much safer – and infinitely more legal – than trying to get home while buzzed.

Sleep It Off

If you find yourself feeling buzzed at the end of a Halloween party, ask your host if you can haunt their place for the night by sleeping on the couch or in a guestroom. Snoozing in full costume might not be very comfortable, but it is sure to be cozier than a jail cell.

The Ghoul Next Door

Of course, you can avoid driving altogether by choosing to party within walking distance from your home. Preferably, you can celebrate the scariest night of the year next door, or maybe even in your own haunted mansion.

Call an Attorney If You’re Pulled Over & Arrested

No matter how much planning you put into avoiding a DUI after a Halloween party, there is always the chance a mistake will be made. You might inadvertently misjudge your sobriety and get behind the wheel, only to be pulled over. Or, a police officer could misinterpret your driving behaviors as signs of intoxication and unjustly arrest you for a DUI. No matter what happens and why, if you are arrested for a DUI, you should contact a DUI lawyer right away.

At the Law Offices of Scott R. Spindel, we don’t believe it is fair for a single mistake to haunt you for the rest of your life. But that’s exactly what can happen after a DUI arrest because the penalties can be so severe, ranging from license suspension and time spent behind bars to steep fines. Fight the curse of a DUI conviction by getting our DUI law firm on your side. We intentionally focus our efforts on DUI defense cases and represent clients throughout Van Nuys.

Call (818) 797-9212 to arrange a free initial case evaluation if you’re arrested for a DUI after partying for Halloween. You only have 10 days to challenge a license suspension in most cases, so do not delay!